Egyptian Magic Review:

“Ancient Egyptian folklore recalls a miraculous skin cream, a secret of the great sages, mystics, magicians and healers, used to maintain radiant, healthy, smooth and glowing skin.”

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I never really was blessed with the fortune of having clear skin. Staring into the mirror every morning was often accompanied by cringing or a deep sigh of resignation as I examined my flaky, red and irritated skin taking over my entire face. A night’s sleep would leave me waking up the morning after with terrible acne and the scars never seemed to fade. Moisturisers and different cleansing products worked for a while but I never really had anything that left my skin in a stable condition. It often happened that just as I felt that a product was beginning to work on my skin, my face would suddenly get used to it, thus rendering the product ineffective and I would be forced to start back at square once and find something new. But this isn’t the case anymore.

I have always been one for my natural beauty products. It goes without saying that anything given to us by Mother Nature herself is the healthiest, purest and often the most effective way of beautifying ourselves. ❤  Today I’m going to be talking to you all about the wonders of Egyptian Magic and how over the past few months it has improved the evenness and healthy glow of my complexion.

Before Egyptian Magic, it was a very tedious task trying to find the right skincare product, not just one that wouldn’t make me break out or aggravate my already rough and rosy cheeks, but one that could help maintain healthy skin for a stable length of time. I’ve been using Egyptian Magic  for almost eight whole months now and I’ve had no reason whatsoever to change so far.

Six ingredients make the product: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract (Which is yet another substance in the product used by bees.) There is absolutely nothing else in the moisturiser. No preservatives, no parabens and absolutely no chemicals of any kind, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

As you can probably imagine, the consistency of the cream is very thick and waxy due to its ingredients/components. To tell the truth, the overall feel of the product is a lot like petroleum jelly or vaseline in my opinion. For that reason alone, I really would advise that you use this as a night cream as it does take quite some time for it to be soaked into the skin. The fact that Egyptian Magic can only really be used as a night cream (unless you suffer from extremely dry skin) is probably the only major downside of the product. However, I don’t feel like I can complain too much as there is always a major difference in the softness of my skin in the morning.

While Egyptian Magic may be an inhabitant of the pricier realm in the skincare world, there can be no doubt that it is definitely worth the investment. Not only because the tub lasts for months on end but also because of how versatile the product is. Because it can pretty much fix anything, it means that you don’t have to spend anything on specific products anymore. Egyptian Magic is a way of warding off all enemies of clear skin with one single weapon.


Egyptian Magic is an all purpose skin cream meaning that it can be used to correct pretty much any imperfection on the face or body. From my experience, I find that it works particularly well against acne, redness,hyper pigmentation as well as any other type of unevenness in the complexion if you are trying to obtain a porcelain look. It also works really well for fading acne scars, moisturising dry or cracked skin, as well as an eye cream for preventing premature wrinkles and minimising the appearance of dark circles. I have also heard a lot of people saying that Egyptian Magic works wonders as a conditioner for your hair. However this is something that I am yet to try out.

I’ve had so many problems with my skin ever since the beginning of my teenage years and now that I am about to enter my twenties, the leftover damage still bothers me. I used to chop and change products a lot but I haven’t really had to do this since I switched to this moisturiser. It’s with Egyptian Magic that I notice the biggest improvement in the quality of my skin, unlike my past experiences with some more synthetic products.


I’m sorry that today’s post was such an enormously long one. I just really felt like I had to give you all the details as to why this face cream has become such an essential for me. Perhaps if you have skincare struggles like I do, giving Egyptian Magic a go is the route to go down? Or maybe you have tried it already? Even if you have found a different skin saviour and would like to talk about it please feel free to comment down below. ❤ I’d love to find out what you like to use and what your favourite skin creams are. ^_^

That’s it for this beauty review today. I really hope that you have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in the next blogpost. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

~Love Mew xx


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