Kilo Shop and Vintage Haul!

An adventure through a vintage goldmine in the heart of Paris



One thing I managed to keep well hidden from you in my previous Paris Travel Diary was my trek out to Boulevard Saint-Germain to the famous vintage fashion store, Kilo Shop, a place where (most) clothes are priced by weight rather than as individual items.

As soon as I heard that a place like this existed, I just knew I had to make the journey out there to check out this vintage haven for myself. After all, it was home to some of the city’s prettiest and most sought-after, yet hidden retro gems. And when was an opportunity like this ever going to arise again? I decided that a detour from the beating track of the holiday’s itinerary was an absolute necessity and that I simply couldn’t leave Paris without having the experience of my arms aching under the weight of heavy sequinned dresses and piles of knitwear from the nineteen-sixties at least once.


As soon as I traversed the mammoth double doors of this vintage treasure-trove, I knew that I was diving head-first down the rabbit hole to a wonderland of velvet, lace, leather and tweed all at once. And it was just so surreal to suddenly find myself surrounded by so many different types of clothing styles and accessories from such different time periods in history. It was obvious from the beginning that I wasn’t going to be leaving here empty-handed!


All across the shop, every rail and display made a statement. Whether they were showcasing classic Parisian trends from days gone by, or vivid displays of colour, there was always something to swoon at no matter what way I looked. Due to the rigid organisation of the shelves as they boasted colourful skirts, edgy army jackets and cropped denim vests, luminous eighty’s sportswear and kaleidoscopic paisley prints, it became more than easy to find exactly what I was looking for in terms of my own personal style.


Not only this, but the amazing array of skinny scarves and fancy foulards, not to mention the astonishing range of Italian leather handbags and floppy wide-brimmed hats each meant for a lot of room to be left to fall in love with something new. ^_^


I wasn’t long browsing before I noticed that myself and many other crazed shoppers around me had their arms about to collapse under the weight of all the vintage clothing that we were carrying. But everywhere I turned there was something new to be drawn to. Between the iconic tartan print of the Burberry trench coats that hung all in a line across the iron railings the second floor, the rainbow of flamboyant knits and colourful check shirts in the men’s section and the various tie-die shirts and polkadot blouses and the marvellous and enchanting displays of romantic lace dresses, I had no idea what I was going to buy and what I was going to have to sacrifice in the hope that another vintage fashionista would come by to fall in love as much as I did with the pieces I (very sadly and most unwillingly) had to drop back.


During my visit to Kilo Shop, it was unfortunate that I had to stop myself from going too crazy. But I did however manage to bring some things home to Ireland with me that I really love. And I did prepare a short try-on haul for you. Let me show you some of the clothes I bought.

1.) Long sleeves and lace


When it comes to stocking up on your lacy clothes, vintage stores are always the way to go. I really love this top because of how flattering the open back is. Plus, I’m a huge fan of black lace because of how magical, gothic and romantic it looks all at once. This top definitely wouldn’t look out of place in a Tim Burton movie which is yet another reason to adore it.


2.) Green Army Jacket

tumblr_oe61ni4vl91raoljxo7_1280I bought this jacket because it reminded me of what LIGHTS wore in her Toes music video. This one is though, is quite oversized on me but I definitely think that it is has a unique and edgy vibe for that reason. It looks great when styled with denim or a black tank. I also think a jacket like this would look pretty cool with a pair of combat boots if you have them. Honestly I’m really excited to customise this with some patches and pins to make the look even edgier.tumblr_oe61ni4vl91raoljxo5_1280

3.) Pastels and Lace

I really fell in love with this blouse because of the colour. It reminded me a lot of an early morning sky in the summer which I thought was charming. I also love the short sleeves and the fact that it has a cute collar. You can layer a blouse like this quite easily so it’s perfect for any weather. And the good news is I found a similar one on Asos here. ^_^


4.) Bell Sleeves and Knits


Bell sleeves were a huge thing this summer and festival season. I’m happy I found this sweater because I can now bring this trend into the colder months with me. I’m really loving its dark berry colour because it’s just so rich, cosy and autumnal looking. I also really love the fact that it’s lace as well because as you have probably noticed by now, I kinda have this thing for it. ^_^


So that was my trip to the Kilo Shop and the kilogram of clothing that came home with me. If I had just bought lacy items, I probably could have bought a lot more clothing, but the jacket added a lot of weight.  Overall I’m really happy with what I got and would love to return to the Kilo Shop someday to indulge in even more vintage delights. Even the men’s section was huge and had some really smart-looking outfits and a lot of designer clothes and coats at cheap prices.

Do you guys like vintage fashion? Or have you ever visited a place like this? Let me know in the comments below. ❤


~Love Mew xx

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