Cute Spring Haul: Forever 21

Sweet and Breezy, Comfortable and Girly Outfits

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Hey! It’s Mew. Today I’m back on the blog with a sweet and springy lookbook and haul for you guys.

You may think it’s kind of odd that only recently I have discovered the amazingness that is Forever 21. Believe it or not, it’s nowhere near as popular in Ireland as it is in other countries like the USA, so when I went on their website, I was really curious to check them out. And of course, they had such amazing things, I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive! Are you ready to see what I got? Let’s start!

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Beauty with Roses

Some Lovely Rose-based Products for Beautiful Skin


Hey! It’s Mew.

February is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so in light of this romantic month I thought that I’d share with you some of my favourite beauty products from one of the most romantic flowers there is… roses!

Are you ready? Let’s start!

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January Favourites

 Fashion and Entertainment Favourites of the Month.

Hey! It’s Mew. And it’s time once again for my monthly favourites.

Because of the wet and windy weather, I have been spending a lot of time indoors lately and just enjoying feeling extra warm and cosy with my chai lattes and my blankets, so a lot of this month’s favourites are going to be centred around comfort and cosiness. Are you ready? Let’s start!


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A Little Thought On Being an Introvert


For a long time now I have been following this really cool clothing store on Instagram called Inu Inu. They do a lot of really cute graphic prints on t-shirts and hoodies as well as a lot of other adorable little pieces of nerdy clothing with a kind of kawaii/tumblr type of aesthetic.

As soon as I saw this sweatshirt with the Boo from Mario on it, I really fell so in love with the graphic and the caption that I just had to add it to my wardrobe, and of course, I have been wearing it to death ever since. It’s just so comfy and cosy (the inside has a really fluffy lining) and it looks super stylish over denim and cord too. The pink skirt I am wearing in this post is available from Topshop here.

The reason why this had such an impact on me I guess is because I really felt like I could relate to the graphic on this jumper. The further I have gone through life, the quieter I have become.

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